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K series glass lined reactor is a type of two pieces glass-lined steel vessel with agitator, also named "Open type". It comprises a vessel body and a separable cover, and the cover attaching and sealing to vessel body by a flange, a gasket and hook-shaped clamps. The flange comprises a cover flange face which is integral with the separable cover, a corresponding body flange face which is integral with the vessel body flange by hook-shaped clamps. Heating and cooling method is with a jacket through by medium of steam, water, thermal oil. 


Capacity: 50 to 12500 Liters

Designed Pressure of Vessel Body :0.2 Mpa, 0.4 Mpa, 0.6 Mpa,1.0 Mpa

Designed Pressure of Jacket :0.6 Mpa

Designed Temperature: 0 to 180 Deg.C

Thickness of Lined Glass:0.8 to 2.0 mm(K series); 1.5 to 2.3 mm(AE series)

Agitator Type (Optional):frame (anchor) type, propeller type, impeller type, paddle type, combination type etc.

Drive Type of Agitator: AC Motor (Ingress protection should be specified by end user)

Reducer Type (Optional):Vertical type

Sealing Type:Stuffing Seal (0.2 Mpa);Single Type Mechanical Seal (0.4 Mpa);Double Type Mechanical Seal (0.6 Mpa, 1.0 Mpa)

Working Medium:Organic acid, inorganic acid, organic solvent& weak alkaline except hydrofluoric acid, 

medium with fluoric-ion, alkali and phosfate acid which concentration over 30% with temperature over 180 Deg.C

Spark Test for Lining-glass:20KV after glass-ling, and 10KV before shipment

Temperature Resistance:Chilling shock: 110 Deg.C, Thermal shock: 120 Deg.C 

Standard: GB/T 25025, GB/T 25027, HG/T 2371 Or Against customized standard



Corrosion Resistance – glass is extremely resistant to corrosion by acids and alkalies (except for hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid)

Anti-stick – many substances will not stick to glass, but will stick to metal

Purity – glass has high quality standards for food and drug applications

Flexibility – glass can handle a diverse range of chemical conditions.

Easy To Clean – glass-lining surface enables quick, easy cleaning and sterilization.

Absence Of Catalytic Effect – eliminates the possibility of catalytic effect that can occur in vessels made with various exotic metals.

Economy – the cost is comparable to stainless steel and most alloys.


Excellent Insulation - When does 20KV high-frequency spark testing, the electric spark can not penetrate the glass linings

Extremely Corrosion Resistance - According to the characteristics of working medium designing the material for extremely corrosion resistance 

Temperature Resistance - Thermal conductivity is only 1 to 0.1 percent of metal

Impact Resistance - The impact resistance of superior products is 260*10-3J.

Customized Design - Design and manufacture according to the condition and requirement of customer


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